Ajinomoto Logistics around the World

Leveraging the expertise we have developed as professionals in the food logistics industry and applying our detailed knowledge of the different food sanitation standards in various countries, Ajinomoto Logistics Corporation offers high-quality international transport services, including those for the import of food ingredients from overseas and the export of processed foods to nations around the globe. We have opened overseas offices and a subsidiary, keeping in step with the global expansion of our parent company, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. With the opening of the Cambodia Branch (Phnom Penh) of AB Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 2014, we now have overseas bases in two countries. We will continue to strengthen the foundations of our global logistics so that we can respond promptly to increasingly diversifying domestic and overseas operations.

Global Logistics Planner

Ajinomoto Logistics has developed vast knowledge and experience in food logistics in a global context over its half century of transporting mainly food-related items from Japan to overseas and from overseas to Japan. We leverage that wealth of expertise to respond to our customers’ every need.

International Intermodal Network

Global logistics includes a range of complex procedures: domestic transport and delivery, customs clearance, and arranging maritime transport, as well as making arrangements for customs, transport, and delivery overseas. Ajinomoto Logistics offers an international intermodal service under which we make all necessary logistics arrangements upon receiving a single request for service from the customer.
As a global logistics planner, we can calculate the shortest transport time and suggest the best transport route by leveraging our economies of scale. We offer customers a shorter lead time and lower transport costs than what they can achieve by making separate arrangements themselves.

The Ajinomoto Logistics Network

We have built our own nationwide logistics network that offers three temperature settings (ambient, chilled, and frozen). Thanks to this, we can handle all kinds of logistics requests for import/export to/from regions throughout Japan. For transport and delivery overseas, we use partner companies with proven track records in the individual transport destinations. In this way, we reduce transport time and costs.
In addition, Ajinomoto Logistics has received a customs broker license from four regional customhouses in Japan (Yokohama, Nagoya, Moji, and Nagasaki). We are experts in the Customs Act and other laws and regulations related to importing/exporting so we are skilled in handling even complex importing/exporting customs procedures.

Ensuring High Quality as an AEO

Since the terrorist attacks in the United States in 2001, requirements to ensure cargo safety in international logistics have grown stricter. The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) system aims to enhance cargo security and facilitate customs clearance by having the customs authorities in individual nations certify economic operators with outstanding security frameworks and compliance records.

Ajinomoto Logistics Has Earned All AEO Certifications related to Logistics in Japan

Ajinomoto Logistics has acquired the following three AEO certifications from Yokohama Customs:

  • Authorized customs broker (customs brokerage: March 2011),
  • Authorized warehouse operator (customs warehouse: January 2013), and
  • Authorized logistics operator (bonded carrier: June 2014).

These are the three AEO certifications that concern logistics. To obtain these certifications, economic operators must meet the high certification standards of the customhouse in such areas as cargo security countermeasures and compliance procedures related to customs laws and regulations. Ajinomoto Logistics has met the certification standards and is one of the few Japanese companies to have earned all AEO certifications related to logistics.
With these AEO certifications as well as the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications we obtained earlier, we provide high-quality, safe, and secure international logistics services.

Global Network

Ajinomoto Logistics has sales bases in two countries: the Kingdom of Thailand (AB Logistics [Thailand] Co., Ltd. [subsidiary; ABLT]), and the Kingdom of Cambodia (Cambodia Branch of ABLT). We offer logistics operations in the ASEAN region where further growth is expected in the future. In particular, we provide nationwide transport and delivery as well as export/import operations in Thailand.

Overseas Bases of the Ajinomoto Logistics

ASEAN Bangkok Office and AB Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Kingdom of Thailand) In ASEAN, a region which is enjoying dramatic growth, Ajinomoto Logistics set up the Bangkok Office and AB Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (ABLT) as a local entity. ABLT became our subsidiary in 2000. Today it has five distribution centers in Thailand and engages in warehousing and delivery operations offering three temperature settings (ambient, chilled, and frozen) as well as import/export operations.
Focusing mainly on the products of the Ajinomoto Thailand Group, ABLT handles foods, toiletries, and other consumer goods as well as raw materials, such as processed agricultural goods and packaging materials. ABLT is expanding its business by actively developing new customers. In addition to domestic delivery, the company has recently also focused its energy on delivery to neighboring economies and import/export operations to Asia and Europe.
Ajinomoto Logistics has stationed three managers in Bangkok. The managers work alongside about 200 local staff members in logistics operations.
Thai Photo Address : 487/1 Si Ayutthaya Road, Khwaeng Thanon Phayathai, Khet Ratchathewi, BANGKOK, 10400 THAILAND
Cambodia Branch of AB Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Kingdom of Cambodia) The Cambodia Branch opened in 2014 in Phnom Penh, the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia, as the overseas branch of ABLT. Today the Cambodia Branch’s main work is delivery (customs brokerage) of products and raw materials imported from Thailand.
Ajinomoto Logistics has stationed one manager at the Cambodia Branch. The manager works alongside two local staff members.
Cambodia Photo Address : 3rd Floor F3-02, TH1 Building #98-100, Street: 70, Sangkat Sras Chork, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.