President’s message

To Delight the Customer

Hiroyuki Tanaka Representative Director President & Chief Executive Officer

Over the years, the Ajinomoto Logistics Group has built up a wealth of know-how in food storage and distribution. From this foundation, we are seeking to innovate the entire chain of food logistics, as we carry out our business with responsibility and pride. Today we are also expanding our operations into non-food logistics services, while setting up overseas branch offices in step with the global age.

At Ajinomoto Logistics, we call our strengths “Gemba-Ryoku,” where gemba or “onsite” refers to our distribution centers and ryoku or “strength” refers to our managerial expertise. We believe Gemba-Ryoku is the key to our success. As a comprehensive logistics company, we offer services that truly seek customer convenience by drawing on our superior Gemba-Ryoku.

The management philosophy of the Ajinomoto Logistics Group is, “Consistently seeking to raise the level of logistics to support advancements in economic activities, while contributing to the creation of an abundant future.” Based on this philosophy, we are working to strengthen our management foundations and carry out structural reforms to continue growing our business.

The logistics industry in Japan today is severely hampered by labor shortages. To continue meeting changing customer needs in this environment, we are committed to the challenges of self-reform, offering logistics services from the customer’s point of view, further raising quality, and seeking breakthroughs to new logistics services. We are also mindful of the Group Vision, namely, to be a company that:
● Provides logistics services transparently
● Develops leading-edge logistics services
● Builds frontline management strength

We continue to devote every effort toward realizing this vision and being the choice of customers.